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Smucker said. And Armour, the old name in meatpacking that sells lard by the tub, touts its recipe as one of the healthiest cooking fats you can buy. Armour uses fully hydrogenated lard, which it says does not add trans fats, and contains less saturated fat than butter and more heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Schuett, in Omaha, says both Epic and Fatworks are duck fat competitors, but his is the only product in a spray can, which he said is an easy and familiar way for the home cook to use duck fat to grease an omelet pan or saute vegetables. For his new food venture, under the umbrella name Cornhusker Kitchen, Schuett teamed up with longtime business partner Roger Brodersen, founder of Omaha agribusiness information platform DTN, which he has since sold. The two also have been owners of Jackson Street Tavern in Omaha and are partners in the Boulder Creek Amusement Park in Millard. Schuett, formerly a food broker, said a food supplier to Boulder Creek introduced him to duck fat. Schuett liked ครีม บํา รุ ง ผิว หน้า แห้ง มาก the product and noticed it wasnt among supermarket spray-oil offerings. He bought canning equipment and now contracts with a Kansas co-packer to produce it. Unlike most spray oils, it doesnt contain a propellant mixed with the oil; the oil is in a bag inside the can, and compressed air surrounds the bag, forcing the oil out when you press the button. A number of butcher shops and other specialty foods stores around Omaha are now carrying Schuetts duck fat spray, and Hy-Vee also recently agreed to stock it in its distribution center, so individual Hy-Vees can order it, he said. Just Good Meat owner Sean Fuller said its the fastest-selling local product hes ever stocked in the grocery area of his shop, at 84th and J Streets.

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