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The only alternative is the boring and oversized unisex robe. DudeRobe addresses this problem by expanding the options of robes and loungewear available to men. Plus, DudeRobe is the only robe and loungewear specifically designed by men for men. Features include guy staples like extra pockets, a loose fit and button fly. The premium cotton exterior lined with ultra-absorbent terry cloth means this is not the average robe, so it doesn't need to stay in the house. Both functional and fashionable, DudeRobe lets dudes be dudes without looking kind of strange in a traditional bathrobe, just the way dudes want it.     DudeRobe is hearing from women who want the robes too. "Hey, girls can be dudes too. Being a dude is much more about attitude than what sex you are. But that being said, we're working on a robe for the dudettes out there too," said Busch. DudeRobe has successfully raised over $45K with just under two weeks left in their campaign. For additional information, and to take advantage of discounted prices starting at $49, visit .     The team has been working hard since 2015 to ensure that DudeRobe is a special product.

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