A Few Considerations For Down-to-earth Bed Cover Tactics

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Togo goalkeeper Kossi Agassa watches as the ball goes past him for Morocco's second goal Togo goalkeeper Kossi Agassa can miss their must-win Africa Cup of Nations match against DR Congo on Wednesday after the goalkeeper's house was vandalised, said coach Claude LeRoy. Agassa's home in Togo's capital was placed under police protection after it was attacked on Friday by fans blaming Agassi for the 3-1 loss to Morocco. "He was really affected when he heard the news," said LeRoy. "Whether he wants to play or not, I will respect his decision." Togo are bottom of Group C going into the final round of matches and have to defeat DR Congo to make it into the quarter-finals of the tournament in Gabon. I think it (the attack) has scarred Agassa too much psychologically Claude LeRoy Togo coach The 38-year-old Agassa, who has played for Togo for 19 years, had a tough time against Morocco, conceding two goals from set-pieces and then allowing a long-range shot to skip past him for the third. But he also helped Togo hold defending champions Ivory Coast to a 0-0 draw in their opening match. "Agassa does not deserve such treatment,'' LeRoy said. "We are all supporting him because, after all, football is a game. "He is very upset and it has had an impact on the morale of the whole team, I think it has scarred him too much psychologically.

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