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It just didn't seem to hold any real hope. Mojo wobbles "When I went to Queen's (university) I started mixing with people in an integrated environment and I realised very quickly how much people have in common." She is married to her childhood sweetheart, Michael Long. They met when they were 14 and both are politicians. Image copyright Pacemaker Image caption รองเท้าแฟชั่นชาย Naomi Long celebrated with her husband, Councillor Michael Long, after she became MP for East Belfast in 2010 Naomi Long earned a distinction in her Masters degree in civil engineering at Queen's University, Belfast. Since then, she has engineered her way around the corridors of power and used an innate charm to smooth the path. She has had her wobbles. After her defeat in East Belfast last year, she considered not returning to politics. It took her until Christmas to get back her political mojo. "After May I found myself very tired, very exhausted," she said. "It has been quite a bruising five years and I took the time to really think about it and to find my passion because I didn't want to come back simply because people expected me to. "I wanted to come back, because I felt I had something to contribute and that I had something I wanted to do, that I felt could make a difference." Image copyright Pacemaker Image caption Naomi Long has been the party's deputy leader for the past 10 years Now she has made the come-back, and won a reputation as a hard worker and a strong fighter.